Work Experience

My history of jobs and internships.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Engineering Winter InternㅣHong KongㅣDec 2023 - Jan 2024
2023 Cathay Pacific engineering winter intership programme for Invoice Automation through Power Automate to streamline the analysis and visualization process of invoices for efficient budget analysis of TCP products.

During my time at Cathay, I was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience that I would not have been able to gain anywhere else. Being able to visit various areas of the airport such as the ramp at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and the various operation units allowed me to have a closer exposure to the industry.

Being part of the Cabin Operations team, I was given the opportunity to visit various aircrafts to learn about the aircrafts in and out. My project was to help my team automate the budget analysis procedure with the use of machine learning to save time and improve information delivery through visualization of data. Not only did my project give me an exposure to the industry but with the observation of daily tasks and operations handled, it gave me a better fundamental knowledge behind the operations of the aircraft.


Field EngineerㅣSouth KoreaㅣMay 2023 - Aug 2023
My job scope as a field engineer was very diverse. Robot maintenance for camera calibration, the suspension system and LTE router network veritication was the main job scope.

ERP of inventory stock for maintenance components (ECOUNT) :
Inventory stock management for manufacturing and maintenance components
On site management and Quality Assurance testing for durability and self-driving software verification:
Self-driving softwares had to be tested outdoors to check for flaws. Feedback was documented and given to software developers for future updates.
NMS control to troubleshoot false auto-boot of router and camera/ network latency:
To resolve the issues of an auto-boot loop for the robots, the LTE router had to be examined to adjust the booting time as well as check for geographical areas where network latency increased so that other departments could modify the autonomous movement software
Software branch control and update (AWX):
Various branches of software updates were managed and implemented through AWX where I had to verify the software version and its feasibility to be deployed in the market

Bonbon Robotics

Robotics Engineer InternㅣHong Kong ㅣDec 2022 - Jan 2023
It was first first experience working as a robotics engineer and it wasa great success! Working at a start-up located in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the experience at a start-up was different from my past experience as there was always a lack of man-popwer, putting more responsibility on me.
The objective of my task was to design the mechanical design of an underground pipe inspection robot for 200mm - 500mm diameter to be used in the underground pipes all around Hong Kong and then program the prototype to test the movement capabilities on arduino. The structure was manufactured through 3D printing with components such as the arduino mega, DC motors and servo motors to execute the movement.

SungKwang Engineering

Press Die Design InternㅣIncheon, South KoreaㅣMay 2022 - July 2022
I was a Press Die Design Intern for SungKwang Engineering which is the company based in Incheon, South Korea.
Their buisness is focused on creating press die designs for automobile manufacturing companies such as GM, Hyundai and Tesla. My task was to prepare 2D and 3D automatic press die designs for OP10 and 20 (draw die and trim die)
before undergoing pattern manufacture. For 2D drawings, I was also involved in OP30 and 40 such as the combination die.
Besides my tasks, I also got to oberseve the manufacturing process for press dies, one of the crucial industrial manufacturing methods that still holds high importance until today.

Hankook Industries PVT LTD -Junior Engineer InternㅣChennai, IndiaㅣJune 2021 – August 2021

I was a junior engineering intern at Hankook Industries in Chennai, India. My responsiblity was for the R&D of a sliding door model to increase space availability and allow heavy-duty machinery to be loaded on and off elevators

Daebu Automotive Seat India -Supply Chain Engineering InternㅣChennai, IndiaㅣAug 2019 – Dec 2019

Daebu Automative Seat India is a 2nd vendor for Hyundai Motors. Supplying recliners for the automobile chair, it was necessary to order components from Korea as well as localize them to minimize the cost of manufacutre.

My role was to be a Supply Chain Engineer. During my time at DAS for 4 months, I made use of unrecognized inventory to save a total of 1 million USD. By making use of the previously unrecognized inventory stock, less components could be ordered from Korea and we could prevent some air freights of emergency components to minimize line stoppage due to warehouse stock shortage. To make sure that all the localized components were suitable for mass production, I also participated in quality check and testings.