Student Clubs

How I got involved at my university!

PolyU E-Formula Racing Team

The PolyU E-Formula Racing Team is a student club that builds an electric car to compete in the Formula Student. We are currently participating in the Formula Student UK (FSUK) and Formula Student Electric China (FSEC).

Starting off my journey as a powertrain concept class member, I have practiced numerous designs to learn the core of powertrain. With the ambitious and motivated spirit, I was able to become better and progress to become the Technical Director.

My role as the Technical Director and Powertrain Lead is to oversee all the engineering teams and also develop and improve the drivetrain system that includes the gearbox, cooling system and motor control systems such as the accumulator, High Voltage and Low Voltage components the gearbox for the motor and improve the cooling system.

For the gearbox design, a comprehensive motor analysis was done with the dyno test results to calculate the required force and acceleration that the drivetrain system would supply while taking traction and rolling force and power restriction into consideration. A single stage planetary gearbox of weight 2kg each was developed that is stable with with minimum degree of freedom as well as low stress on the gears. Lap time simulation is done on Optimum Lap to derive the drive ratio which is exported to KissSoft to create a gearset by analysing contact conalysis, safety factors, service life and SN curves

Currently, a new generation car is being developed under my leadership to do create a more lightweight and compact drivetrain system, better battery capacity, proper tire analysis, greater downforce and an durable chassis with higher torsional stiffness.
The team will continue to make a better vehicle to compete in the FSEC 2024 and FSUK 2025.

Google Developers Student Club

The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a student-run community supported by Google Developers. At GDSC PolyU, students from all backgrounds come together and learn, collaborate and work on new technologies. We nurture a culture of collaboration to make an impact in the local community and bring tech opportunities and careers to all.

I was the Campus lead for GDSC PolyU 2022/23 and currently a GDSC Alumni.

My journey with GDSC started in 2021 as the event manager where I hosted various workshops in AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, AR/VR, Web Development and UI/UX. My role was to plan, market and MC the event to a range of 50 to 100 students from various backgrounds.

I progressed to become the Campus Lead, also known as President in 2022. Expanding the community from 300 to 600 members, setting the club's brand identity and creating solid industry partners we aimed for quality workshops and decreased quantity to be able to create workshops that are needed for the students. A total of 8 workshops were held that consist of networking, robotics, ServiceNow, dashboard building and AL/ML. I was the speaker for the Robotics workshop were basic arduino was taught to students to create models to use sensors, motors and output devices such as speakers and bulbs.

I have led 17 core members with various backgrounds from engineering, design, marketing, hospitality and much more to host different exciting events such as ted-style talks, hackathons, hands-on/learning workshops, networking events, and much more!

One of my achievements was Co-foundeding an international hackathon called PolyHack to start from nothing to host:
PolyHack 2022: 330 participants from 23 regions, 75 educational institutions and 80 majors from the 14 hack days with a prize pool of 150k HKD.
PolyHack 2023: 750 participants from 62 regions, 300+ institutions and 180+ majors for 10 days with a prize pool of 180k HKD (~USD 23k)